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The Bulletin Board

bbcrystal  What is the bulletin board?

The bulletin board gives village members the opportunity to leave short but permanent messages for other players. Every village member can write, edit and delete in his or her own section.




bbcrystal  Where can I find the bulletin board?

The Bulletin board can be found at the centre of the village next to the village tree. Each time a message has been written, changed or deleted, the board's crystal blinks to alert you.



bbcrystal  Additional signs at the bulletin board

At certain times, additional signs at the bulletin board inform you about bonuses:

  1. Village Tree Watering: a little board depicting the icon of the spell is attached on top of the bulletin board - as long as it is active, your village tree will get three times the regular amount of tree care points when being watered.
  2. Miragic bonus: a bright-coloured flag attached to the left of the board appears after one of the inhabitants has transformed - for a certain time all villagers get a 15% bonus at miragic creating actions.
  3. Watering the village tree: a drop of water with exclamation mark on the board indicate that the village tree can be watered again.


Please note: due to flash player actualisation these signs won't always show up as they should - if you have been idle for a while, flash will reduce its activity and won't actualise passive changes on its own. So especially the water drop doesn't always appear when it should but only after refreshing the page.


bbcrystal  Messages on the board

Every village member can write, edit and delete in their own section. The village elder has the option to delete messages of the other village members, as well. If you want players from other villages to be able to read your message as well, simply activate the "Public" option on the bottom left. Only your own message will be public, messages of your fellow villagers are not affected.

Don't forget to confirm all changes of your section on the bulletin board with "Save changes". Leaving the board via the "X" will discard changes.


bbcrystal  Other information on the board

If you click the bulletin board, you can find some additional information in that window:

  • The flag icon indicates who is the village elder.
  • Competitions won tells you how many competitions the village has already won.
  • Minimum level can be set by the elder and serves as precondition for anyone who wants to move into the village.
  • Active Village Search, if activated by the elder, will put the village in a more prominent place at the results of the random village option in the move village menu.

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