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What is Optic Plant and how do i get it?

The Optic Plant is a plant which you get as a reward from the Premium Questie, as well as from the Wheel of Fortune or Tent.


From time to time the premium questie offers you not only money for completing his order, he also offers you one or more Premium Plants called Optic Plant.
This is a special plant which does not give any seeds when harvested. This means its a one time only use per plant.

The reward for this plant is very fertile. Per plant harvested you get 100 experience points and 200 mana points. If you have too many Optic Plant and want to sell it, you can do this at the Sorcerer's Corner Shop.

There are seasonal variations of this Optic Plant.  The Festival version gives 300 Mana and 150 Experience points for each plant harvested,

The green Mushroom also gives a variation of the Optic Plant - the Optic Plant Mush -  it grows much quicker but the reward is less - 7 mana and 5 experience points per plant harvested

optic plant - mush

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