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Talking face to face - Short Chat

bubbleicon  Can I talk face to face with another avatar?

If you can see avatars then you can talk to each other via the short chat option. Activating it will put your comments in a chat bubble (or cloud) just like in a comic strip. If you are visiting the valley map or if you have entered a building (like the shops, town hall, mage academy, alchemy lab or dragon's lair for a race), then you can't see your own avatar and won't be able to use short chat.


bubbleicon  How do I activate short chat?

Simply click on your avatar/character and the short chat menu will pop up:


  1. Insert your message into the textbox - it is auto-selected at activating the short chat option, if you have clicked any other part of the game simply click the textbox again to write in it.
  2. To "speak" your text, simply hit enter or click the send arrow.
  3. Clicking the smiley opens a selection of emoticons.
  4. Clicking the "X" or clicking your avatar again deactivates short chat.


emosbubbleicon  Emoticons

You can get access to a variety of emoticons by clicking the smiley icon. Scroll up and down to see all of them. Click the one you like and it will be attached to your chat bubble. To deactivate them again, simply select the red "X".


bubblexbubbleicon  How to switch off a chat bubble

If you want to remove a bubble without deactivating short chat, you can hover over that bubble. A small "X" button will appear - clicking on it removes the bubble.

This is even possible for other players' bubbles.




bubblemovebubbleicon  How to move chat bubbles

When a character is sitting or dancing, you are able to move its chat bubble. So you can arrange them the way you like and be able to read them all.

To do this, just hover over the bubble - a little hand will appear. Left-click and hold it while moving your mouse will move the bubble.

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