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Which village or valley am I in?

Where is the home of my character?

At the start of the game your character is placed into a village of up to seven players which is part of a valley with up to 100 inhabited villages. Every time you log in or refresh your avatar will materialize in front of its house.
When you are in your own village you can read the names of both village and valley in the middle part of the top tool bar:

village valley names


What do village and valley mean to me?

Your village is your team and you are going to play together with your neighbours. There is a village chat for communication - you can decorate your village with each other, care for your village tree, help each other in the game, have fun and even compete with other villages within your valley. If you don't already have a village elder, one of the players will soon be announced elder.
There is also a valley chat where you can talk to all players who live in the same valley.


Do I have to stay in that place?

If you don't like the village you have been put in you can move village.
If you don't like the spot your house/field have been put in you can even change location if there is still a free spot.

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