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Questies at your field

icon  What is a Questie?

A Questie is an NPC (Non Player Character) trader who wants to buy harvested goods from you.They promise gold and miragic points if you deliver the crops they need. They are only looking for those plants you are able to grow at your current level.

questie1   questie2   questie3

There are three different characters of questies: a knitting elderly woman, a hunter in green clothes with a moustache and a bearded dwarf.


icon  Where can I find them?

You can find them in a waiting area near your field. The bell indicates where that waiting area is. As a precaution these areas can't be decorated so you won't accidentally cover the questies.

waiting area


icon  At what rate do they appear?

Five new questies are going to appear there each day, that makes an average of one every 4h 48min. The waiting area can hold up to five questies - if it is full, no more new questies can come to your field until you reduce their number.
Additional Questies (to the daily five who appear on their own) can also be called by ringing the Bell in the waiting area.


icon  What do I have to do?

Clicking on the Questie will open a window which shows you what they need and what they are willing to pay for it. If you are not yet able to fulfill their wish (because you don't have enough plants in stock), the missing plants will be shown to you in red.

questie menu

At the bottom of the dialogue window, you will find four icons which give you the following options:
Send the Questie away because you don't like their order.
Later: Close the dialogue window - the Questie will stay.
Buy: Enter the Sorcerer's Corner Shop to buy the missing plants.
Deliver: Accept the Questie's order, hand over the plants and receive the reward.


icon  Jinxing a Questie with Mana

Delivering to the Questies with plants alone will earn you the Miragic listed below the promised gold reward. If you don't care about the Miragic points and have enough mana, there is an option to jinx the Questie and keep the plants. You can choose which sorts of plants you want to deliver and which sorts you want to keep (and jinx the questie for that sort). But by jinxing it for even one sort of plants you will lose the Miragic reward.

Hint: Jinxing Questies is pretty expensive, so it is wise to first check how much mana it will cost you by looking it up in the tooltips of the mana icons (just hover on them).

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