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Field Zones - Shaded, Cool, Sunny

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What are field zones - what are they good for?

There are three different zones available - shaded, cool and sunny - and almost all plants belong to one of them. You can tell the zone a special plant prefers by the little icon attached to it in the shop, store house or the sowing menu. If a plant is harvested from the matching field zone, you get a yield bonus. Other plants are not affected by a zone. Some plants (Optic Plant group and Miramitsu) don't belong to a zone at all, so their yield can't be improved by any zone.


General information

First you have to learn the spells in the Mage Academy, a certain level is required for the different zones and spell levels:

~insert table for spell levels and effect~

Important note: If you upgrade a zone spell to a higher level (by learning it in the Mage Academy), even an existing zone on the field will automatically upgrade itself to that new level.
Example: You have cast a shaded zone lvl 1 on your field and afterwards you learn shaded zone lvl 2. Now the effect of the zone on the field has been updated to lvl 2 on its own.

To receive the yield bonus, the plants need to be harvested from the right zone, but they don't need to grow on that zone - so you can cast the correct zone (or change it) right before harvesting and will still get the bonus.

A zone spell always lasts for 168 hours (7 days) and can't be removed. But of course you don't have to sow plants matching that zone, other plants won't be affected by a "wrong" zone.

Zone spells last on the field even after a transformation but their level will then be reduced to lvl 1. Extending the duration of your zone and choosing the type of zone that suits you best in the low levels is a standard preparation for transformations.


Field zones in the menu

All zone spells can be found in the Green Fingers Spell group in the middle part of your bottom tool bar. A big zone icon means that zone can be cast freshly or the duration of that type of zone can be extended - zones you haven't learned yet in the Academy, are locked.

~insert picture of menu~

If there is already a zone on your field,you can also find small zone icons with a blue curved arrow attached to them - you can use them to change the current zone without the duration being affected.

Using a zone spell always costs 500 Mana, no matter if you cast a new zone or if you extend the duration of an existing zone or if you change the type of zone.


Recognising a Field Zone

Shaded Zone is depicted by an autumn leaf - a field with a shaded zone looks like it is covered with brown autumn leaves.


Cool Zone is depicted by a snow flake - a field with a cool zone looks like it is covered with snow.


Sunny Zone is depicted by a sun - a field with a sunny zone looks like it is covered with sand and has transparent sunbeams shining on it.

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