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How do I send messages in the game?

youhavemail  Where is the mailbox?

On the left side of your bottom tool bar there is a mailbox icon. If you have new mails, it will spill letters and alert you with sound, too. Click it to open the Administration menu and select "Mailbox".



youhavemail  The mailbox screen

Now you can read messages that you have already received, reply to them and compose your own messages. Of course you also can delete old messages.


Your inbox and outbox can be filtered for a special type of message using the dropdown menu under the message field. If you want to, you can now delete all messages of the chosen type.

You may reply to a message you received from a player - simply click "Reply" when that message is active.

If you'd like to compose a message yourself, click "New message".


youhavemail  Sending a new message

You can then select the recipient by either searching on the lefthand side, where you can enter a part of the name (see #1), click "Search" (see #2) and then select the name from the list of matching nicknames, or you can directly select one of your village inhabitants (click #4) or from your friends list (click #5). The lists of names will be displayed in the field "Player name" (see #3).

For further information, bug reports or reporting a player you can also use the appropriate button to contact support here (see #6).


As soon as you click on a player's name on the lefthand side, it is automatically carried over to the recipient field on the right. You may now fill the subject and message fields (see #7 and #9) as you wish, and then click on the "Send" button to the bottom-right to send the message (see #10).


youhavemail  Mass Mails

Players who have transformed at least once or are village elder may also send mass mails. To do this, just click the mass mail button (see #8 - yellow: mass mail activated) and choose all recipients from your lists. You can even switch lists or search one by one.

Please be careful to use it responsibly - don't spam other players' mailboxes.

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