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The Friends List - Invite Player



flicon  Where can I find the Friends List?

You can find your friends list in the administration menu - click the mailbox icon in the left part of your bottom tool bar and select the Friends List. It has room for up to 100 friends which are sorted by alphabet.

The option "Invite player" in the popup menu you get when clicking a player's name or avatar means to send a friendship request.


flicon  What special options go with the Friends List?

  • Both of you get a notification when the other one is logging in or logging out: an animated sign hanging at the middle of the top tool bar and a ringing sound.
  • You can easily see who of your friends is currently online by having a look at it: players with a green lamp are online.
  • You can send ingame messages more easily to each other by selecting the name from the friends list in the mailbox.
  • Clicking a name on your Friends List will give you the option to directly travel to his/her village or dream world or to send a message.
  • The Teleport Menu and the Move Village Menu both have an option to filter for your friends.
  • You can filter the rankings in the town hall for your friends.
  • You can filter market offers for your friends via the Detail Filter.


flicon   How to add someone to my Friends List?

Adding can simply be done in the chatrooms by clicking on a player's name and selecting "Invite" - or by clicking the player's avatar and again selecting "Invite".

If you want to add a person who is no longer in the chat or visible you will have to select the Friends List in your administration menu (see above). 

On the bottom right, there is a button "Add" which will open the following screen:


Players who are added to your friends list, receive an IGM where they are able to accept or decline the friendship request - until doing either of them the player is listed in your Friends List written in grey to indicate that your friendship hasn't been confirmed yet. You will get a message about their decision:


For the djinni task it doesn't matter if your friendship request is accepted or declined - the task is fulfilled as soon as you send a request to someone.


flicon  How to delete someone from your Friends List

If you want to end a friendship, just open your Friends List via the administration menu and click the player's name. Select "Remove" from the popup menu and confirm. 

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