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How do I cast the 'Generous Present' Spell?

In order to use the 'Generous Present' Spell after learning it in the Mage Academy, you must buy a gift. You can find these in the Sorcerer's Corner Shop under the Garden items category.

Now you need to look for someone who you would like to give the gift to, on the map. Once you have found someone, you can select the Spell in the Spell book and click on the avatar [in-game character] of the player you would like to give the gift to.

After doing this, the gift inventory will open. There you can click on the desired gift, which will activate the gift button and after clicking this, the item will be sent to the selected player if you have the required mana, gold and possibly rubies for it.
A little gift package will then appear over your own avatar and the player receiving the gift will receive a message about the gift as well.


The present only transforms into a Garden item after it has been given away and it can only be used by the other player. You can not put the spell on yourself.

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