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The Village Elder

elder icon  Who is the Village Elder?

The Village Elder is one of the players in a village. You can easily tell who it is by the yellow flag which is set beside the house, and at the bulletin board the elder is marked with that flag, too.

 elder flag

elder icon  How do you become Village Elder?

In a village that is inhabited by beginners only, there is no village elder at first - after they grew into the game, one of them will be appointed Village Elder: the only qualification the game asks for is to reach (not complete!) the 'final' tutorial Quest 'Spoiled for Choice'. Usually that happens very shortly after reaching lvl 14. The first player in a village who reaches that quest is to become Village Elder. If more than one player achieves this at the same time, the one who has lived in the village the longest becomes the Village Elder.

As soon as you have proven to be qualified for being Elder you will be appointed Elder if you are moving into an abandonded village.


elder icon  What happens when the Village Elder leaves?

If the Village Elder leaves by choice he/she can appoint a new Elder. If the Elder leaves to another village without appointing a new Elder or disappears due to inactivity, the person who registered for the game first - will become the new Village Elder within a few hours.


elder icon  What can the Village Elder do?

The Village Elder has the power to run the village according to his/her liking. So experience in the game, and trust, are important for a good Village Elder.

If the Village Elder donates to competition, he/she can invite the villagers to participate as well. All village members will then receive an IGM (ingame message = Miramagia mail) asking to help donating to that competition.

The Elder has access to an additional administration menu, the Village Management. It contains various options:

  • Minimum level - only players who have reached that level are able to move into the village.
  • Search Inhabitants - if the Elder activates it, your village will be mentioned in the list a player can get when searching for a village in the move village menu.
  • Change Village Name - for a fee of 500 rubies the name of the village may be changed permanently to something the Elder chooses; the Elder has to pay that fee.
  • Remove Player - the Elder can remove fellow villagers from the village (often referred to as 'booting').
  • Transfer Duties - if the Elder doesn't want to be Elder any longer, he/she can choose a successor.


elder icon  The Village Management menu

If you are Village Elder, you will find the aforementioned functions in the Village Management menu:

village management

Selecting the Village Management will open the following menu:

village management menu

Important notes:

  • Changes about the minimum level or active village search need to be confirmed by clicking 'submit'. A change of the village name will come true after clicking the 'Change' button right below the textbox with the name.
  • If a former inhabitant of your village comes back from inactivity and there is a vacancy in your village, then that player will be placed into your village again regardless of the minimum level!

elder icon  Cast out of the village - remove a player

If you need to remove a player from the village, just select his or her name from the list of inhabitants and click the button 'Cast out of the village'. A dialogue window opens which offers the opportunity to leave a message for the booted player to explain the action and which also asks you to confirm your choice - so you won't remove someone by accident.

elder icon  Transfer duties - choose a successor

If you don't want to be Village Elder any longer for some reason, you may choose your successor from the inhabitants and transfer your elder duties to him/her. Simply select the name and click the button 'Transfer duties'. All villagers will get a mail informing them about the change of Eldership.

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