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Why won't the payment window open?

If the payment window won't open, it is probably being blocked by your Pop-Up blocker. If you turn this off, it should open as normal.

You can deactivate your Pop-Up blocker in the following way:

Click on Extras, then on Settings and then on the Content icon in the window that opens.
There you'll find the option to block Pop-Up windows.

Click on the cog in the righthand corner and then on the check by 'Block Pop-Up Windows' in the window that follows.

Internet Explorer:
Hold your mouse cursor over the 'Pop Up blocker' point in the Extras menu, and then select 'Turn off Pop Up blocker'.

Click on the spanner in the righthand corner and then Options. In the Google Chrome Options window that then opens, click on the Details tab. Here you'll find the 'Content Settings' button, another window is opened by clicking on this.
Select Pop-Ups and then 'Show Pop Ups for all websites'.


Click on Preferences under Settings in the Opera menu and then select the General tab.
Under 'Choose how you prefer to handle Pop Ups', select 'Open all Pop Ups' and then click OK.

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