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How do the win systems work?

At the most northernly point of your village, you'll find the Wheel of Fortune.
You can spin the wheel once a day for free, each additional spin costs 2 Rubies.


You can win the following:

Premium Plant: an Optic Weed seed (this produces Mana when harvested)

Mana drops: a certain amount of Mana

Plant Fairy: an extra Plant Fairy for a certain amount of time

Coins: a certain sum of Gold

Pumpkin: the plant of the day (which plant it is, is a surprise)

Cauldron: a special Laboratory item that cannot be bought in the Shop

Garden Hedge: a special Garden item that cannot be bought in the Shop

Can of feed:  some rations of feed for your pet Dragon

Ruby: a single Ruby

Premium Questie: a 24 hour contract with the Premium Questie

Plus sign with drops: a Club Account for a day (24 hours starting from once you've won it)

Plus sign without drops: a PLUS Account for a day (24 hours starting from once you've won it)

If one of the Premium Questie, Club Account or PLUS Account features are already active at the time of winning the prize, the duration will be increased by 24 hours automatically.

Extra: Once your Dragon is at its maximum level, you will no longer win Dragon Food


Players who achieved Level 25 have the ability to use the Tent of Advanced Magic.
The tent can be found above the village center, next to the Wheel of Fortune.

At this tent, a fortune teller will tell you how your future looks.
Please make sure that, when using this fuction, you have at least room for 1.500 resources. If you receive more resources then your warehouse can hold, the resources will be lost.

When you click the button as shown above, the ball will try to find your future. Once it is settled and found your future, your screen could look like:


On the right you will find your future, including the description of the item(s) you won.

Possible item(s) to win:
Dragon food: 200 Portions
A sign with hooks and a plus sign: 24 hours of Harvest Helper
Sow-sign: Seeds for premium plants (These plants when sowed will give you 200 Mana and 100 XP each but can only be used once)
Plant of the day: Seeds for the plant of the day. The number of seeds and which type will be shown to you in the description
Plantferry: A plantferry will be given to you for the length of 24 hours
Magic: A Prank Spell will be casted on you for the next 8 hours. 
Gold coins: 7500 Goldcoins
Plussign: 24 hours Plusaccount
Manadrop: 1000 Mana
Pink earth-looking sign: Premiumfunction larger seedingground for 24 hours
Plussign with Manadrop: 24 hours Clubaccoun t
Rubin: one Rubi n
Premiumquestie: 24 hours Premiumquestie
Kettle: an exclusive laboratory item
Frontgarden object: an exclusive object for your garden
Magic: A special Prank Spell that can not be learned at the Mage Academy.

Extra: Once your Dragon is at its maximum level, you will no longer win Dragon Food

The location of the Lottery Booth can be found at the small square on the North West of the Village. It is located here:

Accessability and costs
You can access the Lottety Booth once you received level 50.
If you are level 50 AND performed a Magical Transformation, you get 1 free ticket every day. Those who have not completed a Magical Transformation and/or can buy a ticket. They come in packages of 1, 3 or 5.

When selecting the menu you could see your Free Ticket or buy new once. Once you have a ticket you can Cratch it my movind your mouse from left to right until you see what you won.

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