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What Premium features are available?

You can reach the Premium features by clicking on the pink '+' sign in the top righthand corner.
You can select these Premium Features for a specific length of time - a day, a week, a month or even a year.

There are the following Premium features:

GOLD account

There are 9 advantages to the GOLD account including:

- Busy Little Helpers

- Save two thirds of market taxes

- Two simultaneous construction orders

- 2 Extra Plant Fairies

- 10% additional benefit to using the Downpour Spell

- 30% bonus mana production

- Witchiing stick

- Seven League Boots

- Premium Questie

SILVER Account:
There are 5 benefits with the SILVER package:

- Busy Little Helpers

- Save two thirds of taxes

- Two simultaneous construction orders

- 1 extra plant fairy

- 5% effectiveness added to the Downpour spell

Premium Offers

These are also available:

premium offers

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