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What can I do in my Garden?

Your Garden and its surroundings can be decorated with Garden items, these can be bought in the Sorcerer's Corner Shop.
Garden items which are exclusively used as gifts, can also be bought in the Sorcerer's Corner Shop. The player who then receives the gift, can then place it in their own Garden or surroundings.

The more your level advances, the more items become available to you.
The decoration item inventory is opened by clicking on your Garden. Here you simply click on what you want to place in your Garden and then drag it with the mouse to the desired spot. The item is then placed once you drop it.


The items have no function other than beautifying your Garden.

You can place your items in the gardens at any free spot. Taken spots, or unavailabale spots are made Red. This gives you an easy overview of what is and isnt possible.


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