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Can I move into my friend's village?

mvicon  Can I move to a different village at all?

Yes, you can - Miramagia doesn't force you to stick to the village your character was born in. There is no level limitation: you can move at once, if you like to.


mvicon  So can I just move in with my friend?

Assuming this has been planned by both of you and all necessary preparations have been made - yes. However, make sure that there is a free space available in your friend's village and that the village elder has set the minimum level of the village so it matches your character level. Also, if you already moved village in the past 24 hours, you may want to wait until the moving option is availabale for free again.


mvicon  All of this is ok - how do I do it?

mvmenu1You can find the Move Village option in your Profile menu.  

At the far left of your bottom tool bar there is your profile head. Open the profile menu with a click on your profile head or the white area around it - be careful not to click the circles at the back of the head or the filling bar to its right. 

Select "Move Village".

The option "Village management" is only available for village elders, so maybe you can't see it in your Profile menu.


mvicon  How to use the Move Village menu

Now this window opens - in order to move in with your friend you need to use it like that:


  1. Click the button "Friends list".
  2. A list of all the villages you have friends living in appears. Click the one you want to move into.
  3. In the little textbox above the "Friends list" button you will now see the names of those of your friends who are living in this village - so you can check easily. In the blank space left to it, you will find some information about the village like the valley it is in, the minimum level and the number of free spaces available.
  4. If everything is ok, the button "(0)Buy" turns yellow - click it and only a few moments later you and all your belongings will have been moved to your new village. Don't worry about the term "buy": if the number in brackets is 0, you won't be charged any rubies.


mvicon  What happens to my...

  • ... character? You will still be exactly the same after moving - character class, gender, progress, profile settings. 
  • ... resources? You won't lose any gold or mana, and if you haven't already moved within the past 24 hours you won't lose any rubies as well.
  • ... premium features? You will keep all of them in exactly the way you had them before.
  • ... plants on the field? Your field moves along with you, your plants don't mind travelling, so they are going to keep their growth progress.
  • ... vaporisation of field tiles? Don't worry, your vaporisation won't be affected by moving.
  • ... buildings? Your buildings will be placed in the same order as you constructed them, any upgrading progress will be kept.
  • ... decoration items? The moving gnomes take care of them so there's nothing left behind in the old village and once landed, you will find all of them in your inventory. As in real life you have to unpack and rearrange them again by yourself.
  • ... dream world? Your dream world isn't touched at all by the move village option. Any decoration or furniture will stay in its place, any upgrading progress and bonuses will be kept.


mvicon  Which spot is going to be mine?

All spaces available to move into get filled up in a certain order - the lowest number first:



mvicon  Even more information about moving to a different village

If you want to know more about the other Move Village menu options, please continue to read this entry.

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