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What resources are there?

There are three different types of resources in the game:

1. Gold
Gold is the currency of the gameworld. You use it to trade with other players and NPCs, as well as in upgrading buildings, in buying magical ingredients and decoration items for your Garden. It is also used in constructing your Laboratory and in the Academy so that you can learn new Spells.

2. Mana
A stock of Mana is available to you from the start, this can be used in casting Spells. Mana is generated at quite a slow rate. To increase your production of Mana, the Magic Circle has to be upgraded. The amount of Mana generated per hour increases with every upgrade.

3. Rubies
Rubies are the Premium currency in the game. They can be purchased after paying a fee of real money. Rubies are necessary to perform certain Spells and functions, such as the instant upgrade feature for example.


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