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How do I chat with other players?

The Chatbox

The game chat can be found on the righthand side of the bottom tool bar. The chatbox is usually closed but it can be opened by clicking directly on the chat. The default chatroom after logging in is that channel you were in last - but after clearing cache and cookies it is valley chat.



Chatbox options

Little icons help you to navigate between different channels:
1. General chat - you can talk to players all over the server
2. Valley chat - you can talk to players living in the same valley as yourself
3. Village chat - you can talk to your fellow villagers
4. Binoculars chat - only to search/find fellow villagers, all over the server
5. Help chat - if you ask for help here, experienced players will try to answer your questions all over the server
6. Whisper chat - a private chatroom for two, you may run more than one of them; switch between them by clicking on the player's name on top

7. Magnifying glass for searching a player - see "How can I start a whisper chat?" below.



How can I start a whisper chat?

You can click a player's avatar and choose "Whisper" from the little menu which will appear.

You can click a player's nickname in chat and choose "Whisper" from the little menu which will appear.

You can search for a certain player by selecting the whisper chat icon of the chatbox (see #6 in the picture above) and then clicking the magnifying glass (#7 in the picture above) which will open a screen to help you find a partner for whisper chat:


When someone sent you a whisper message, you will get a little alert - a "ping"-sound will tell you to have a look if your current channel is a different one, and you will be visually alerted as well. It looks like that...



!!! Moderated chatrooms !!!

Miramagia is a family game and therefore we want to keep the chat suitable for children, too. Please stick to topics, words and phrases that a six-year-old would be able and allowed to read without his/her parents having to worry. Common politeness suggests to refrain from elaborating at topics that will exclude or seriously disgust a great number of players.

In order to ensure that, most Miramagia chats are being moderated. Our Chat Moderators look after the three server-wide channels but will read and write in all valley chats, too.

All of them are volunteers, so please appreciate the work they are doing for all players.


Rules for a pleasant chat

In addition to the general "suitable for a six-year-old" rule we want chat to be pleasant to read, so keep in mind the "Magic 4" and the other following rules to prevent spam:

  • No more than 4 of a kind in a row (this includes single letters, repetitions of words or groups of letters).
  • No more than 4 comments from one person in a row.
  • Texts that are posted one word per comment are considered as spam, too.
  • Take care of CAPS - THIS IS CONSIDERED AS SHOUTING and isn't polite.
  • No advertising of any sort save TG products.
  • Only TG-approved links: miramagia forum or the ones mentioned on miramagia homepage.
  • Especially for Binoculars Chat: please check if your earlier ad has been lost from the chatlog - if it's gone even if you scroll up to the top, then you're welcome to post it again.


What if someone misbehaves in chat?

It's also possible to directly report a player who is breaking the rules. To do this, simply click on the name of the player who you'd like to report and choose "Report" from the menu that appears. This will open the following screen:


After a few minutes you will get an auto-reply from support, confirming the receipt of your report. Usually within 24 hours the support team will handle the reported incidence.

For information about the short chat option (chat clouds/bubbles) please continue to read here.

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