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The Pet Dragon

dragonicon  Where can I find my pet dragon?

At the beginning of the game you receive a dragon egg. In order for it to hatch, you have to construct the Dragon's Lair level 1 first. For more information about the Dragon's Lair please read this entry.


The newly hatched dragon can then be raised by you and be given a name. The name is shown when you hover the mouse cursor over your dragon.


dragoniconHow can I change my dragon's name?

Initially your dragon's name is set to "Drako" but the Tutorial Djinn will soon tell you to change it. To do this you need to open the "Profile and Achievements" menu.

 profile menu

Select the "Profile information" area and simply insert the new name into the textbox at "Your dragon's name".

You can also change your dragon's shape - please read "Dragon morphology" for more information about that.


dragonicon  What can I do with my pet dragon?

Your dragon helps you to clear your field - depending on its level vaporisation of the obstacles on your field will be accelerated. Also, at certain stages, additional fairies are attracted to your field and will help your plants grow faster. Last but not least your dragon can compete in dragon races which will earn you numerous treasures.



dragonicon  How to make your dragon grow

Like every living being your dragon must be fed to make it grow. Miramagia dragons eat dragon food which can be purchased in the Sorcerer's Corner Shop in the city for gold; you can also win it at the Wheel of Fortune or you can manufacture it on your own via your mushroom bag.
As your dragon grows up, the lair becomes too small for him, so it has to be upgraded. It is possible that you will not be able to feed your dragon until you have upgraded the Dragon's Lair.

To feed your dragon, simply click the Dragon's Lair to open the menu window and select "Dragon Care":




dragonicon  Other information in the Dragon Care Window

The section "Care" refers to your dragon's stamina in a race. Racing is exhausting and your dragon will lose some endurance points with every flight. You can help it to recover some strength by clicking the "Care" button. Also after growing some levels the fill bar is going to miss some points because your dragon's maximum endurance has increased but its current endurance has still to catch up.

The section "Additional plant fairy" provides information about the number of plant fairies currently living on your field and the level your dragon has to reach to attract another one.

The section "Vaporise Bonus" shows how much time your dragon helps you save at vaporisations.

Please note: That bonus won't be upgraded at the field tiles which you are already vaporising at the moment, a higher bonus will only be applied to the next vaporisations you're going to start.

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