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Where can I find the Village Tree & what's it for?

The greatest status symbol of a village is its Village Tree, which graces the area in the centre of the village. It is shown to be a small sapling at the time of the establishment of the village, but it can grow to become a glorious tree with a little nurturing. For this purpose, a care calender is placed at the foot of the tree, which notes when the tree was last watered and when it should be watered again. Every inhabitant of the village, who is online, has the ability to carry out this task

Each missed care phase delays the growth of the tree a little, this means that it takes longer to reach the next growth level. This can be slowly restored with every met care phase. That's why the tree should be watered every 2 hours.

When the Village Tree is watered, all of the inhabitants of the village receive Experience Points as well as Mana. The amount depends on the Care Points of the tree and the level of he character. Also the larger the tree becomes, the more Mana and Experience Points are given.

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