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What do the ascending numbers mean?

numbers icon  What is the meaning of the numbers at the field?

When you are harvesting your plants from the field, yield of all kinds will be noted for you in coloured numbers which are ascending from your field:

  • experience points - accompanied by an arrow only
  • yield of plants/seed - accompanied by a leaf  
  • mana yield, if you harvested Optic Plants - accompanied by a blue flame
  • miragic yield, if you harvested Miramitsus - accompanied by the transformation symbol

numbers at the field

numbers icon  What about the numbers that are ascending from my avatar?

Every time you are gaining resources, their sort and amount will be shown in numbers above your head (and in the top tool bar if possible).

numbers at the avatar

  • gold, eg. from competitions or market sells - accompanied by a pile of coins
  • mana, eg. from village tree watering or magic circle - accompanied by a blue flame
  • experience points, eg. from village tree watering, alchemy quests or collecting orange mushrooms - accompanied by an arrow only
  • number of plants gained, eg. optic plant mush from collecting green mushrooms - accompanied by a leaf
  • rubies, eg. from the win systems or from collecting rare mushrooms - accompanied by a ruby symbol
  • miragic, eg. from alchemy quests or questies - accompanied by the transformation symbol

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