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House Jester

house jester icon What do House Jester spells do?

House Jester spells can be cast at the players' residences in the villages - your own as well as other players' houses. They temporarily transform the normal house into a special home.


house jester icon Where do I find the spell group House Jester? How to do it?

The spell group House Jester can be found in the Magical toolbox spell group in the middle part of your bottom tool bar.

 menu house jester

Choose the desired motif by clicking it (hovering the cursor over it reveals a tooltip with detailed information), then click the house you want to change.

Hint: Don't forget to deactivate the spell after you're done or there is a chance to cast another one at a different house without intending to do so.


house jester icon General information

  • You need to learn how to cast House Jester spells in the Mage Academy first.
  • As a subcategory of toolbox spells you will then keep the ability to prank houses for all times, even after transforming.
  • The spells usually last 24 hours - House Jester Crystals can extend that period.
  • There are different motifs available, some for Mana, some for Rubies. These regular ones can be found below.
  • At most seasons there are also seasonal motifs which are only available during that season. (Please look them up in the Season Galleries in forum)
  • Depending on the strength level of a motif there can be cast a different (stronger) motif to replace the current one.
  • You can also manufacture and store the spells for using them later on - this is especially useful for the seasonal House Jester motifs.
  • You can also cast House Jester spells in other villages.


house jester icon What can I do if I don't want my house to be pranked?

 house cleaner You can manufacture the Magical House Cleaner - a mushroom recipe, look for it in your mushroom bag to make some - which removes all active pranks from your residence. To use it, just open the House Jester menu and activate the spell.
 protective wall You can cast a Protective Wall, which will remove all active pranks and will protect your house against being pranked again for the next 24 hours. Using it costs 4 Rubies.
 black list icon If a certain player is doing it on purpose just to annoy you and talking with them doesn't help, you can put the player's name on your blacklist. Then you won't be able to prank each other any more.


house jester icon Showcase of regular House Jester spells

The following motifs are available at all times.

slow movement icon Slow Movement - Strength 1
The house is turned into a snail's shell; 900 Mana
slow movement house


holiday mood icon  Holiday Mood - Strength 2
The house is turned into a little cake with a candle on top; 1,500 Mana
holiday mood house


king's tent icon King's tent - Strength 2
The house is turned into a royal tent; 1,500 Mana
king's tent house


autumn mood icon Autumn mood - Strength 3
The house is turned into a giant pumpkin; 1,200 Mana
autumn mood house
The ability to use this motif can be won at the Tent of Advanced Magic or a number of uses can be traded with valley questie Nicodemus, who will take mushrooms in exchange. Uses that have been traded are kept in stock and don't cost any Mana at casting them.


mushroom season icon Mushroom season - Strength 4
The house is turned into a fly agaric; 2 Rubies

mushroom season house
The valley questie Nicodemus offers uses of that spell in exchange for mushrooms. Uses that have been traded are kept in stock and don't cost Rubies nor Mana at casting them.


souvenir icon Souvenir - Strength 5
The house is turned into a planted wooden shoe; 5 Rubies
souvenir house


mirella's dream castle icon Mirella's dream castle - Strength 6
The house is turned into the dream castle of Mirella, leader of the High Council; 10 Rubies
mirella's dream castle house


fairy tale castle icon Fairy-tale castle - Strength 6
The house is turned into a cute castle with a purple roof; 10 Rubies
fairy tale castle house


magical citadel icon Magical citadel - Strength 6
The house is turned into a strong citadel with a blue roof; 10 Rubies
magical citadel house

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