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System time of Miramagia/com

clock icon  Is there a system clock somewhere?

No, the dates and times which are displayed in Miramagia (eg. at the competitions) refer to your own computer system time.


clock icon  What does that mean?

To ensure Miramagia times are in tune with the real time in your time zone you have to make sure your computer is in tune with your real time. Differences of only a few seconds may cause a change of the displayed ending times at harvest races because the times there are given in minutes, not in seconds.


clock icon  When does Miramagia start the new day?

Miramagia days start according to the change of days in UK.
So in winter, this is 0:00am UTC and in summer it is 0:00am BST (= 1:00am UTC) - for time change dates have a look at the table further down.


clock icon  What are UTC and BST?

UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) is mainly the same as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time); it is the standard time in UK in winter.

BST (British Summer Time) is the same as UTC+1; in summer, UK changes to BST


clock icon  Time change dates

at... ... time changes to...
Sunday, 29th Mar. 2015 BST (UTC+1)
Sunday, 25th Oct. 2015 UTC
Sunday, 27th Mar. 2016 BST (UTC+1)
Sunday, 30th Oct. 2016 UTC
Sunday, 26th Mar. 2017 BST (UTC+1)
Sunday, 29th Oct. 2017 UTC

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