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How do I teleport myself?



There are three ways to use Teleport in the game -

between areas of the game, such as Dreamwold, World Tree, and the City

between villages

and within your own village

The action in more detail

  1. Click on the 'Teleport' button in the menu list {insert image}
  2. Select your destination
  • Travel to the Valley Map
  • Travel to the City
  • Travel to the World Tree
  • Travel to the Dreamworld
  • and when you are away from home another option is highlighted: Travel to your own Village
  • Other destination

If you click on 'Other destination', the following window will appear:{update image}


Here you have the possibility of searching for a specific village, a random village or a friend's village in which to be teleported to. The action is then carried out by clicking on the 'Teleport' button.


To travel within your own village simply click on the little spiral/tunnel image behind your avatar head and it should turn yellow.{insert image}

 Once highlighted simply click on the place in your village you wish to instatnteously transport to and - your avatar will be there in a blink of an eye - and a unique sound.

It is actually possible to use the seating arrnagements to travel about the village without touching the ground if you so wish.

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