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How can I contact the game support?

question mark  General information

There are two different divisions of support:
Support Team deals with technical problems about the game itself and complaints between players.
Premium Support is exclusively responsible for problems buying rubies and other irregularities in connection with rubies.

When contacting support, please explain your problem and give as much details as possible, especially dates, times, exact description of what happened... you will get an auto-reply after a few minutes, confirming the receipt of your ticket. Within the next 24 hours support will start to investigate the matter and then reply with suggestions how to solve the problem or asking for further information.

If you want to attach any proof, like screenshots, you will need to upload all files to a picture-hosting service and insert the links. You can't attach any pictures or other files directly.

Please keep in mind that support staff are volunteers, so complicated matters will take some time and will need to be forwarded to tech team.


mailbox  Ingame - via Mailbox

Open your Mailbox and select the "New Message" option. At the bottom there is a "Support" button.

mail to support

Now you can choose between "Support Team" and "Premium Support (Rubies)".


top tool bar help section  Ingame - via the help section in the top tool bar

 You can click the yellow question mark right beside the logout button to open a window with helping links - access to answers, game rules, forum and both support divisions. Choose the one you want to contact; if you're sure your problem can't be solved by the FAQ (Miramagia Answers), get on with the "Contact Support" button.

You will be taken to a form which can be sent after you have explained your problem in the textbox to the right.

support contact form


question mark  Outside the game - via redirect from Miramagia logout page or start page

If you can't log in at all you can still contact support: the logout page and the start page of Miramagia both offer a redirect to a "Help" section - scroll down a bit to see it. Selecting "Contact game support" will take you to the contact form from above.



question mark  Outside the game - via mail

If you want to attach any files without having to upload them to a hoster first, you can write a real email to support@miramagia.com

Use your registering email address for it and don't forget to mention the game world and nickname.

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