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Bonus Crystals

crystal icon  What are Bonus Crystals and where can I get them?

Bonus Crystals are special items that give a permanent bonus for a certain feature of the game. Usually you can purchase them for rubies at the Sorcerer's Corner Shop but some of them can't be bought. You will find detailed information about them in the list below. Apart from their function they are outdoor decoration items with an animation that makes them float in the air.


crystal icon  How do they work?

  • Once you purchased or won a crystal, its bonus starts working automatically.
  • It doesn't matter whether you keep it in your garden inventory or in the shed or whether you place it in the village or in your dream world - the bonus will work either way.
  • A crystal bonus can’t be undone or deactivated again.
  • You can't sell or lose crystals, neither by accident nor on purpose - which also means you will keep them after transformation, of course.
  • For every sort of bonus there is a set of four crystals: useful (80 rubies) – powerful (200 rubies) – strong (500 rubies) – mighty (800 rubies).
  • Every crystal is unique which means you can only purchase it once.
  • Bonuses of different crystals of the same set add up, so if you own one with a 15% bonus and one with a 30% bonus, you will get a total bonus of 45%.


crystal icon  Showcase of bonus crystals

seal crystal set
Seal crystals

These crystals help your plants to stay alive a bit longer before they wither (only if you used the seal of returns on them, otherwise they don’t wither at all).
Your safety time increases by: 15min … 30min … 45min … 60min

village tree decoration crystal set
Crystals of Village Tree decoration
These crystals extend the duration of effect of the village tree decoration spells you cast on your village tree.
Your spells are going to last longer by: 5% … 15% … 30% … 50%

bag of mushroom crystal set
Mushroom bag crystals

These crystals permanently enlarge your mushroom bag so you will be able to collect more of them every day.
Your daily maximum will be increased by: +30 … +50 … +70 … +90

growth boost crystal set
Crystals of the growth boost

These crystals strengthen the effect of the growth boost videos – the different percentages indicate the effect on the first use/repeated use of the videos. The smallest crystal of this set was given to the players via Ka Ching voucher code: 2mir4vid
Your growth boost will be enhanced by: 1%/0,2% … 1,5%/0,3% … 2%/0,4% … 2,5%/0,5%

waiting time crystal set
Crystals of waiting time

These crystals can shorten the time until a new growth boost video is available for you. The normal waiting time of 2 hours will be shortened by: 5min … 10min … 15min … 30min

mana crystal set
Mana crystals

These crystals‘ effect makes your Magic Circle produce more mana.
Your mana will increase by: 0,5% … 1% … 1,5% … 2%

harvest chance crystal set
Harvest crystals

These crystals give you a better chance of a doubled harvest at each field tile.
Your harvesting chance increases by: 0,5% …1% … 1,5% … 2%

XP crystal set
XP crystals

These crystals boost the experience you’re gathering by:
1% … 1,5% … 2% … 2,5%

mushroom crystal set
Mushroom crystals

These crystals improve your abilities at using the various mushroom recipes. The special edition crystal was given as a reimbursement to those players who previously won a weekly prize that had a wrong and misleading description. The amount of mushrooms needed per recipe gets reduced (rounded!) by:
3% … 5% … 7% … 9% … 9%

tree care crystal set
Tree crystals

These crystals increase the amount of mana and XP you’re receiving when your village tree is watered (no matter who does it); additionally, if you water the tree by yourself, it will be nourished with a number of extra care points. The smallest crystal of this set can only be won in the regularity bonus system on a day of the special rewards.
Your tree care abilities/reward grow by: 5% … 10% … 15% … 20%

miragic crystal set
Miragic crystals

These crystals will increase the miragic reward of some miragic generating actions (like delivering to questies/premiumquestie and doing alchemy quests) but don’t affect other actions (like dragon races or valley questie Mirella).
Those chosen actions receive a miragic boost of: 4% … 8% … 12% … 16%

pranks crystal set
Crystals of pranks

These crystals extend the duration of effect of the pranks you cast on yourself or others. Your spells are going to last longer by: 5% … 15% … 30% … 50%

house jester crystal set
Crystals of the House Jesters

These crystals extend the duration of effect of the house jester spells you cast on yourself or others. They are going to last longer by: 5% … 15% … 30% … 50%

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