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Valleys - how do they fit in?

tvicon  What is a Miramagia valley?

When you start playing Miramagia you will find your character placed in a village - which itself is one of 100 villages in a valley but not all of them need to be inhabited. So the valleys help divide all players on the server into some smaller groups. COM has over 50 valleys.


tvicon  What is special about valleys?

  • Valley Chat

Each valley has it's own chat where all those players in your particular valley can chat - please be aware chat rules apply in valley chat as it is moderated. 


  • Competitions

Each valley has it's own range of competitions, both Big Orders and Harvest Races - more information on these can be found by clicking on the Village Elder near your village Tree or in this entry. 

  • Valley map

compassEvery Valley has it's own map where all the villages can be found in a fixed position. You can get access to it via the compass in the middle of your top tool bar. The Valley Map begins by being shrouded in fog but as you clear the fog different features are revealed and so are the Valley Questies. The actual map is the same in every valley, but just as each valley has its own competitions, so each Valley Map generates its own range of Valley Questies. The Valley Map is also a good way to explore the villages in your Valley.

{section on Valley map coming soon}


tvicon  What if I don't like the valley I'm in?

It is possible to move to a different Valley with the "Move Village" option. See here for more information.

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