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Change location in village

clicon  Can I move to a different space in my village?

Yes, there is an option to change your location within your village, but this is only possible if there is at least one free space and changing location usually costs 15 rubies.


clicon  Where do I find the change location option?

clmenu1You can find the change location option in your Profile menu.  

At the far left of your bottom tool bar there is your profile head. Open the profile menu with a click on your profile head or the white area around it - be careful not to click the circles at the back of the head or the filling bar to its right. 

Select "Change location in village" and a window will pop up.


clicon  How do I do it?

The text on the right of that window explains what you have to do now. If you change your mind and don't want to move to different location in the village, you can leave the menu by clicking the "X" top right.



clicon  Change location and decoration

If you're going to move to a different space within your village, you don't need to collect your decoration first - the moving gnomes are going to do that for you and pack them into your garden inventory; you won't lose anything.

Once arrived in your new location you will have to arrange your village decoration again.

The decoration in your dreamworld won't be affected by moving to a different location.


clicon  Is there a way to do it without rubies?

In some special cases you can change location with a trick of moving village. It only works if the free space you're aiming at is the one which will be filled first of all the free spaces in your village (including your own current one). If so, you can move out and move back in 24 hours later.

For information about the order in which free spaces are going to be filled, please look up this entry (scroll down to "In which order get the free spaces filled up?")

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