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Move village - different ways

mvicon  Can I move to a different village?

Yes, you are able to choose a village to your liking. There are different ways to do it, so you can choose the way you like best. Also, there are some restrictions:

  1. Of course you can only move into a village that has at least one free space available - every village can be inhabited by up to 7 players.
  2. You can only move into a village if you meet its minimum level (see below).
  3. You can move for free once every 24 hours. If you want to move village again without having to wait, you will be charged 25 rubies.

warningsignwarningsignIf you're searching for information about
moving to a different space within your village,
please read the matching answers entry: -please click-

mvicon  Where do I find the Move Village option?

mvmenu1You can find the Move Village option in your Profile menu.  

At the far left of your bottom tool bar there is your profile head. Open the profile menu with a click on your profile head or the white area around it - be careful not to click the circles at the back of the head or the filling bar to its right. 

Select "Move Village".



mvicon  How to move into a special village

If you already know the name of the village you want to move into, then there are four steps to moving:

  1. Insert the name (or part of it) into the textbox "Village name"
  2. Hit Enter or click "Search"
  3. Select the correct village in the list on the right (if you inserted the full name of the village, only one name will be listed), the action button "move now" turns yellow.
  4. Click the action button - don't be confused about the "Buy", moving is for free if it tells (0) Buy; meaning it will cost 0 rubies.



mvicon  Other details of the Move Village menu (see above)

  • Friends list (#5) - On the right side of the menu a list of the villages your friends live in will appear. As soon as you select one of it, the textbox above the Friends List button will tell you who of your friends is living in that village.
  • Village suggestion (#6) - you will get one suggestion of a village which is actively searching for villagers and matches your level best (no guarantee, needs to be verified). It is considered polite to first travel into the village and talk to the players, asking them if they want you to move in.
  • Empty village (#7) - you will get a list of villages which are empty, sorted by the valley they are in. The move village menu doesn't provide any information about the valley a village is in or the size of its village tree - so if you want to know more, you have to travel there first.
  • Random village (#8) - you will get a list of villages which are actively searching for villagers. It is considered polite to first travel into the village and talk to the players, asking them if they want you to move in.
  • The filter for "Living areas free" isn't working properly at the moment.
  • The list on the right tells you the village name, the current minimum level of the village and the number of free spots.
  • If there is a reason why you won't be able to move in, the village is written in grey - clicking it will inform you about that reason (look at the free space at the bottom left of the menu window) and the action button will remain grey.


mvicon  Move village via valley map

If you don't want to put up with the Move Village menu, there is another way of moving.
You can search for your favoured village on the valley map. compass
travelvalleyicon To do this, you have to travel to the correct valley first - then you can search for the desired village. If you click the village and if it is possible for you to move in, you will get the option "Move village" in the little pop-up menu. After selecting that option, you are going to be asked to confirm your choice before the action will be activated. 

Please note: If you move into an abandoned village that way, you won't get any information about the size of the village tree or even the name of the village in advance. 


mvicon  In which order get the free spaces filled up?

All spaces available to move into get filled up in a certain order - the lowest number first:



mvicon  Move Village and decoration

If you're going to move village, you don't need to collect your decoration in the village first - the moving gnomes are going to do that for you and pack them into your garden inventory; you won't lose anything.

Once arrived in your new village you will have to arrange your village decoration again.

The decoration in your dreamworld won't be affected by moving to a different village.

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