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Rare Mushrooms

  Rare Mushrooms

There are 25 different Rare Mushrooms. They can be collected just like the normal Magic Mushrooms by clicking them - and they are kept in the little basket right beside the Bag of Mushrooms.

You can find it in the left half of your bottom tool bar; if you click it a screen will be opened which displays all the Rare Mushrooms you have collected so far. 

Even if your daily limit for Magic Mushrooms is reached, you can still collect Rare Mushrooms when they show up.

Every Rare Mushroom has its own direct reward which can be looked up in its tooltip in the basket. 

  1. row: Valuable mushrooms - 1 ruby, 1,000 mana, 100 XP
  2. row: Precious mushrooms - 1 ruby, 10,000 gold, 2,500 mana
  3. row: Exquisite mushrooms - 2 rubies, 25,000 gold, 250 XP
  4. row: Priceless mushrooms - 2 rubies, 5,000 mana, 500 XP
  5. row: Legendary mushrooms - 3 rubies, 50,000 gold, 1,500 XP


  How frequently do they show up?  

The Rare Mushrooms get even more rare the further down in the basket they are. The ones in the first two rows can be found about one per day - but there may be a waiting time of quite a few weeks for the last few that are still missing in your basket.

After their appearance they stay on your village map for some time (as long as the normal mushrooms) and vanish again if they aren't collected. Fairy essence will double that time just like it does for the normal mushrooms.


  What can I do with them?  

You can collect them until one day you find the last one - then you may swap them and will be awarded 100 rubies. For doing this, click the basket and you will find a special action button. After that you can start to collect them again.

In the valley map you will meet Eusebius now and then - he will give you mana or rubies in exchange for some of your Rare Mushrooms. 

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