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Magic Mushrooms

  What are they? 

 There are four kinds of mushrooms in the game, all of them will give you some direct reward when you collect them. The amount of that reward depends on the size of the mushroom (small/medium/large), your character level and additional mushroom bonuses, such as your chosen bonus at the Mushroom Island in your Dream World or the witching stick  (also known as a divining rod in the Shop) (which will double the direct reward and is available at the Corner Shop).

  • Golden mushroom (yellow) - Gold
  • Mana mushroom (blue) - Mana
  • Experience mushroom (orange) - XP
  • Seed mushroom (green) - Optic Plant Mush Seed

Mushrooms start small sized and take some time to grow until they are large. If you don't collect them, they will disappear after some time.


   Where can I find them?   

You can only find mushrooms in your own village. Every player gets his/her own mushrooms, so you can't collect others' mushrooms and nobody can collect yours. You will find them mostly along the walking paths. Turning off the decoration makes it easier to spot them.

Map of mushroom hot spots


   How many of them can i collect?   

There is a daily limit (being reset at the start of the new mira-day) - at the beginning, your Bag of Mushrooms has room for 50 mushrooms a day. Various bonus items and Dream World Bonuses will help you to extend it:

  • Yarn - once bought (gold), it will add +25 permanently
  • Mushroom Bag Crystals - once bought (rubies), they will add +30/+50/+70/+90 permanently
  • Dream World Bonus - depending on the chosen bonus, it will add +5 to +40 for as long as that bonus is active.

Your current daily limit can be looked up in the Bag of Mushrooms (see area 1 in the Bag of Mushrooms Screen below).

There is no limit for the storage capacity of your Bag of Mushrooms - so you may collect and save your mushrooms until you need them.


   What are they good for?   

Opening your Bag of Mushrooms you will find a number of recipes for your mushrooms (see area 2 of the Bag of Mushrooms Screen below)

  • Elevated/Masterful dragon food (your dragon needs it to level up)
  • Elevated/Masterful miragic drink (some distilled miragic points)
  • Magic Eraser/Magical House Cleaning (cleans the effects of a prank or house jester spell)
  • Elevated/Masterful fertiliser (a growth boost for the plants on your field)
  • Medium/Large regeneration spell (fills up your dragon's stamina in a race)

On the valley map some questies will give you something in exchange for mushrooms:

  • Nicodemus the Great - some free uses of special prank or house jester spells
  • Ghost Light - XP (level bound)
  • The Trader from the South - a different kind of mushroom


   The Bag of Mushrooms Screen   

  1. Amounts of owned mushrooms and number of mushrooms you collected today / daily limit
  2. Different types of recipes - see below two versions, click the version you want to manufacture
  3. Yarn - daily limit +25 permanently
  4. Witching Stick/Auspicious Divining Rod - doubles the instant bonus
  5. Fairy Essence - doubles the time the mushrooms will linger
  6. Boots - doubles the growing rate (and the maximum number of mushrooms in the village at the same time)

Clicking the witching stick, fairy essence or boots (or their empty places) will open the Corner Shop.

The button "Collect mushrooms" can be used for free once a day. After that there is a 1 ruby fee for using it again.

The action button "manufacture" will become active as soon as you have chosen a recipe.


For information about the Rare Mushrooms please continue to read here.

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