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Valley Questies

nikodemus  What are Valley Questies and where do I find them?

Once you have travelled to your Valley Map, you will discover many features, not the least of which are the Questies that appear there. You will meet Nicodemus, a Phoenix or a Wishing Well among others; they are inhabitants of the miramagic world who seek your help. Those little characters can be found all over the valley map in your own valley - they are highlighted with hopping exclamation marks so you can spot them at once.

Only in the cleared area you can help them - just click them and have a look at what they need and what they would give you in return. If you choose to trade with them, you will see them very happy.


nikodemus  General information

checked valley questieSometimes Valley Questies have specific requirements, so not every player is able to help them. You will know if one is willing to trade with you because there is a yellow exclamation mark above their heads. This indicates the questie has something of potential interest to you to trade. If you don't meet the requirements of a questie, there is no exclamation mark.

new valley questie You can easily tell which questies you haven't already checked: they have a sun symbol additional to the exclamation mark.

When you hover over one of these questies a tooltip will indicate how many players have already traded with it (there is a finite number of times each trade can be fulfilled) and how long there is before the Questie moves on (they are time-restricted).

As soon as one questie has completely left the valley due to time-out or having traded with its maximum number of players, a new one will appear somewhere else within 2 minutes. If you traded with one of them, it will disappear from your sight, but may still be on the map for other players.


nikodemus  The Valley Questie screen

Clicking on the Questie will open a window containing additional details of their proposed transaction - the cost and the trade itself. Two buttons await your pleasure - "Not Yet" and the action button which is inscribed with a matching text (here: "Help Nicodemus").

vq menu


nikodemus  Different Valley Questies

Each questie has its own specialism and offers its own range of quests. See below for an overview.

emma's assistant

Emma's Assistant -
she needs special decoration items and trades XP (or on rare occasions rubies) in exchange for them.

nicodemus the great

Nicodemus the Great -
he offers you a number of uses of special spells (for avatar, house
or village tree) if you give him some of your mushrooms
as resources for his magic tricks.


Eusebius -
he likes rare mushrooms...
and rewards you with large amounts of mana or some rubies.

 trader of the south

Trader of the South -
trades one sort of mushrooms for another;
all possible combinations and different amounts.

 customs officer

Absent-minded customs officer -
rewards you with some lottery tickets
if you help him "find" his gold.


Mox -
interested in optic plants (premium), he will provide you
with some uses of the spell "Village Tree Watering".

 guardian of the woods

Well-travelled Guardian of the Woods -
if you give him seed of optic plant mush, your village tree
will benefit from the guardian's care (tree care points).


Gorgeous Phoenix -
a symbol of rebirth (transformation), it asks for
miramitsu plants in exchange for fertiliser.

 hungry dragon

Hungry Dragon -
if you feed it (with dragon food, of course)
you will get some mana.


Weary unicorn -
if you can spare a lot of mana to strengthen it you will be
able to experience the advantages of the gold membership.

 wishing well

Wishing Well -
you have to throw in a heap of coins (gold),
but it will grant you a 20% bonus for experience for some time.

 race snail

Race snail -
an experienced racer itself, it will
swap spells for dragon races with you.

 troubled pixie

Troubled pixie -
give her festival seed and she will ease your trouble with
withered plants: you get uses of the "Lease of Life" spell.


Mirella -
the leader of the high council rewards you with miragic points
for donating some of your crops to her.

 solitary ghost light

Solitary ghost light -
give it some of your mushrooms and you will gain a lot of experience in the encounter.

 crystal treasure

(Invaluable) Crystal treasure -
use some mana to uncover the treasure beneath the crystals,
which can be miragic points, festival seed or even rubies or special items.

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