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How do I upgrade a building?

Upgrading a building by one level will usually bring you a direct modification. For example, you can alter the following:

  • Store House -> Increase the storage capacity
  • Dragon's Lair -> Increase the maximum level of your Dragon
  • Magic Circle -> Increase the amount of Mana generated per hour

In order to upgrade one of these buildings, you must click on it so that the 'Building view' opens. There you'll find even more information about the building as well as the 'Upgrade' button. As soon as you confirm this, the construction time of the building will be displayed.
It is possible to finish the upgrade instantly by paying the High Council of Mages a small fee of 5 Rubies.
Upgrading can only be done 1 at a time, except if you have a premium function that allowes you to.


Cancelling upgrade
You are able to cancel an upgrade of a building at any time you like. You will obtain a full refund.

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