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Top tool bar

Top tool bar - what is it good for?

In the top tool bar you can find information about your account, premium features and basic options. It stretches across the width of the game screen so this will deal with it in 3 sections.


The left side - a lot of numbers

Here is the top tool bar left side.tool bar

gold indicatorYou can clearly see the amount of gold you have in your account: This is needed for buying things.

mana iconYour amount of mana: This is needed to vaporise your field, power spells, upgrade your dreamworld estate and do alchemy quests.

ruby icon

The number of rubies you own: These are invaluable for purchasing premium items.

miragic icon


Your amount of direct miragic: Miragic is useful for powering mirafin when upgrading the Dreamworld estate upgrades, and for when you are ready to transform. Expanded view with mirafin fillbar:

growing indicatorThere is also the growing indicator: This shows you how long until the first plants on your field will be ready to be harvested.

expandedviewPlease note: if you have various crops this will always show the earliest harvest time, but if you click it, the expanded view gives information about the first 5 sorts of plants that will be ready.


ttb-sealThe sickle also shows when the seal spell is active by lighting up the seal behind it.


The middle part - your whereabouts


This is the middle of the top toolbar and clearly shows the Village name (to the left) and the Valley (to the right). If you leave your village, it will show your current whereabouts:


Right in the middle you see the compass which will take you to the valley map. In the bottom right corner a little icon tells you when visitors have come to your village.


At frequent intervals interesting news are displayed in the middle part and will cover the location information. You can turn them off in your profile menu => settings.



Also, notifications about logins and logouts of your friends are shown in that area.



The right side - premium features and settings

Here is the remainder of the toolbar, to the right.ttb-right

ttb-buyrubiesBuy rubies: Click the ruby icon if you want to purchase or earn rubies. You can choose from a selection of offers.

ttb-premiumPremium offers: Overview of available premium offers and period of validity of your active premium features.

ttb-membershipSilver and Gold Membership: Here you can find an overview of all benefits of the memberships, see their remaining time and can buy a membership.

plant fairiesPlant fairies: This counter tells you the number of additional fairies (won or summoned) on your field. The fairies earned by the levelling up of your dragon are not shown here. If you hover over the icon, a tooltip will reveal detailed information about the lifespan of each of them.

welcome screen regularityWelcome screen: Reopens the welcome screen with information about the regularity bonus, important tasks and other useful hints. This icon is very important especially if you are ingame for extensive periods of time (which can happen) or if you are ingame when the game starts its new 'day'. Clicking on it allows the game to register your presence and will allow you to collect the next day's regularity bonus. It also allows you to check details such as progress towards the next bonus as well as what is current for you.

sound on/off You can turn on/off the sounds here. If you want to control volume, you can do this in your profile menu - settings.

help supportThis is very useful if you need Game Help. There are links here to further information and also support if your question cannot be answered in other ways.

logoutWhen it is time to logout from Miramagia this will close your game until you are ready to log back in.

Hovering over any of the icons in game will give additional information as to their use and purpose.

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