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Ka Ching

till icon  Where can I find Ka Ching?
Ka Ching can be found next to the Bulletin Board in the center of your village.



till icon  What does he do? What can I do with him?
Ka Ching is the Bargain Hunter of the magical world of Miramagia! He is always on the lookout for the best Bargains for you.
Ka Ching does not always have offers, but as soon as he finds something worthy, he starts do juggle his balls to call your attention. Usually you will receive a mail from the High Council as well, often with some details to the bargains and their period of validity.


till icon  What are his offers?
Ka Chings offers are by the Council of Mages approved Rubies offers. These vary from items to premium features and even the purchase of rubies.

ka ching menu


till icon  What is the textbox for?
Sometimes there are vouchers - you will get some presents (eg. decoration items, gold, mana, XP bonus or even some rubies) if you enter the voucher code in there and then click the OK button.

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