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Who is the Village Leader?

The Village Leader can be found left of the Village Tree. You can inform yourself about current competitions and also take part in them, by speaking to him. Competitions are timed tasks that the village can carry out together, in order to try and win a certain amount of Gold for all of the inhabitants (or players).

There are two types of competitions: the big order and the harvest race.

A typical big order competition would look a little like this example:
Duration: 5 Days
Task: Deliver 1000 Carrots & 1000 Pumpkins
Prize: 1000 Gold for each participant

After you click on the Village Leader, a window will open in which you get an overview of all the current and expired competitions. Click on a currently active competition, you will then be shown on the righthand side, what's required in order to complete the competition. You can then take part in the competition by simply adding crops and sending them, just like when shopping in the Sorcerer's Corner Shop. The plants will then be sent from your Store House in an instant.
If you take part in the competition, your contribution will be rewarded with a little Gold.


Renew details
To renew the details of a competition, you can select the renew button on the right top of the screen.

Competition Lamp
Once your Village is taking part of a competition, your Village LEader is holding a lamp to indicate you are taking part of a Competition

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