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Alchemy Quests

The Alchemy Quests
The Alchemy quests are available to all Magical Gifted of level 12 and higher. To be able to take part of it they need the following:

  • You will have to reach at least level 12 or have performed the Magical Transformation
  • You will need to buy an alchemy set at the Sorcerer's Corner Shop
  • You will need to purchase a couple of glass vials at the Sorcerer's Corner Shop

Once you have this, you can visit your own Magic Laboratory and see a note hanging on your door.

Note on door

When you select this note for the first time, the Tutorial Djinni will give you an introduction to all its elements. Once you completed this introduction for free, you are off on your own to explore all the 3 parts of the Alchemy Quests.
You can do this introduction as often as you like.

As soon as the menu of the Alchemy Quests open, you have at least 3 options in your left top. These are:

experimental details

By the use of the arrows you can switch between the Daily Quest, the Categories and the Reseach Center.

The Recipies
When going through all the Recipes you have 3 kinds of Recipes:
alchemy 3

They mean the following:

  1. You do not have the items, plants etc to start this Recipe
  2. You do have the items, plants etc to start this Recipe
  3. You have completed this Recipe

The Help section
The Help section will always tell you what the requirements of a specific Recipe is once you opened it. This looks like:
alchemy 4

Golden Daily Quests
Golden Daily Quests look a lot like the normal Daily Quests. They might be a bit harder for you to fix, though they will give you something extra. Besides Experience Points and Miragic, after completion they will also reward you with an exclusive Object.  There are a limited number of Golden Alchemy Quests and when you have completed them all you will not be offered another one.

Daily Quest

Every Mira-day you will be offered one free Daily Quest.  This is randomly selected from the all categories available - not just those you have unlocked.  Any other Daily Quests have to be bought with rubies.

Experimental Stage

Once you have solved all 10 puzzles in the one category you can move to the next page and unlock the next category.  To do this you need to donate a specific number of plants.


Completing 10 Alchemy puzzles of the same category entitles you to select a reward - this may be a trophy or a part of an exclusive decoration such as a jigsaw piece.

It is possible to continue with new puzzles in a category you have already unlocked - every 10 puzzles completed in a particular category will result in an award being offered you.

As you progress through the categories they becoome harder.

Impuzzable Alchemy Quest?

Try the player forum for assistance with an Alchemy puxzzle that seems to be impossible!

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