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When do i get the rewards for inviting a friend?

When do i get the rewards for inviting a friend you are wondering? Here we hope to explain all.

An invited user will receive a link to register an account on Miramagia. Only by the use of this link and succesful registration of an account will lead to completion of this task. Once it is completed, you will be notified and receive a reward.

Completed tutorials
An invited and by your link registered friend will complete the tutorials by reaching the final Tutorial. This final tutorial requires the friend to complete a competition of complete the orders of a X number of Questies. The user does not need to complete this in order for you to get the reward. Once the user has reached it your Invite Friends menu unlocks again to invite a new friend to the game, you will be notified about the completion and receive your reward

First Rubies Purchase
When an invited and by your link registered friend bought their first Rubies, you also get your reward. As soon as the Rubies are added to their account you will be notified and receive your reward.

Important: It could take up to an hour to get the reward after the friend completed their task

Click here to go to "All about inviting a friend"

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