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Share Experience

Share Experience
Share experience helps you and the one you are casting the spell on. It rewards both parties with Experience like the name suggests.

Learn the spell
To be able to perform the spell, you will need to learn it in the city. The spell can be learned at level 10. From time to time you can increase its level to create a more effective spell.

Casting the spell on plants from other players
Each 3 hours you can cast the spell 10x on other players their plants. Each time it will instantly reward you with a minimum of 5 XP. The amount depends on the Share Experience level spell you have learned.

Having others cast the spell on your plants
When others cast the spell on your plants, you will get 25% or extra XP for it when you harvest the plant, so not right away. The amount depends on the level spell you have learned. Depending on the type of plant you of course get a low or high amount of extra XP. Others can put a spell on all of your plants and there is no restriction to who helps you.

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