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Mana Trader

mana trader icon  Where can I find the Mana Trader?

The Mana Trader can be found in front of the Town Hall in the city, to the lefthand side. He enables you to exchange Gold for Mana, or Mana for Gold.

 mana trader

Hint: If you don't want to travel to the city first, you can get access to his offers by simply clicking the mana score in the top tool bar.


mana trader icon  Overview of exchange rates

Level 1:

  • 2.500 gold → 300 mana
  • 250 mana → 3.000 gold

Level 10:

  • 15.000 gold → 1.500 mana
  • 1.500 mana → 15.000 gold

Level 30:

  • 100.000 gold → 8.000 mana
  • 10.000 mana → 80.000 gold


mana trader icon  Are there other terms?

There is an additional small fee of Rubies, as the High Council of Mages taxes the Mana trade. Each exchange with the Mana Trader costs an additional 3 Rubies.

mana trader menu

Also, there is a finite number of 10 trades you can make each day. You can see how many times you have already visited in the last 24 hours in the trade overview.

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