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How do I trade?

You can access the Market in the village as well as in the city. They both show the same offers.

Trade in Miramagia is only possible using the Market.

The Market in your village
You can find the Market in your village directly in the centre, near the Village Tree. To the left of the tree you'll find the following building:

The Market in the city
The Market in the city lies directly in the centre. You can recognise it easily, as it lies in the middle and has 5 flags over it.

I'd like to buy resources. What do I need to do?
If you'd like to buy resources from other players in the Market, select the Market. The Market will then open and the plant overview will appear, here you are able to select which plants you want to buy and which offers you want to see.


If you don't choose any plant type, all of the offers that are currently available on the market will be displayed.
After clicking on a plant in the filter screen, or after clicking show all offers, you will see a list of offers.


Here you can look for an offer that you'd like to have, and then click on the corresponding 'Buy' button, to accept the offer.
It is also possible to buy just a part of an offer. After clicking on Buy, a dialogue window will open. Here you can enter the amount of the offer that you'd like to buy. 

Yet another dialogue window is available to you under 'Filter offers', this gives you the opportunity to filter the offers on the Market. In contrast to the plant overview at the start, you can also enter how much Gold you'd like to spend at most, or whether your trade partner has to be on your friends list, or from your village.


I'd like to offer resources myself. What do I need to do?
If you'd like to trade your own resources on the Market, select the Market and click on 'Create offer'. In the following window select the article that you'd like to sell. You can then carry the article over by double clicking - or alternatively you can click on the button near the selection list.
Then you have to enter the amount of the goods on offer as well as the unit price that you'd like to have for the goods. Your offer is then placed on to the Market once you have clicked on the 'OK' button.
You can have a maximum of ten offers on the Market at any one time, but the amount that is possible to you may also depend on the level of your Store House.
The offer is available on the Market after a short delay. The delay between the creation of an offer and the placement of the offer on the Market, usually lasts around 30 minutes.
Do note that you have to pay taxes, the amount is displayed below when offering plants.

The number of offers that you can put on the market is one quarter of the calculated level of your Store House plus two.


You can also withdraw your own offers from the Market. To do this, you have to mark the offer that you'd like to withdraw and click on the 'Remove offer' button.


As long as enough space is available in your Store House, you'll get the resources offered by you back in your Store House when you withdraw an offer. If there is insufficient space, you'll get an error message and the withdrawal of the offer will be denied.

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