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Holiday / Vacation Mode

Is there a Holiday or Vacation mode?
There is indeed. You are able to put your account into Holidaymode for the minimum length of 1 day if you have enough days left. You can find it at:
Profile > Edit Character > Take holiday

Holidaymode menu

What does Holidaymode do?
Holidaymode "freezes" your account. During its length it will protect you from the automatic inactivity actions and freezes the game for the set time, i.e. your plants will not grow, the countdown of your fairies and PLUS features will pause and your Magic Circle will not generate Mana.

Can i cancel the holiday early?
Yes you can. Simply log into your account and you get the option to confirm the early ending of your Holidaymode or simply logout to continue the Holidaymode.

Can i see if someone is on holiday?
No, you can not see if someone is set on Holidaymode. We always advice users to make sure they tell their village members about it but its up to the user him/herself to share this or not.

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