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The Blacklist - Ignore Player



blacklisticon  What is the blacklist?

The blacklist is a list of people you put on ignore. Handling and appearance are similar to the Friends List.

You will find it in the Administration menu at the left side of your bottom tool bar: click the mailbox icon and choose "Blacklist".



blacklisticon  What happens when I put someone on the blacklist?

  • You can't read anymore what the blacklisted person is writing in chat (chatbox and bubbles) - but the blacklisted person is still able to read your texts
  • You can't send ingame messages to each other.
  • The blacklisted person can't gift you anymore but you can give gifts to him/her.
  • You can't jinx each others avatars or houses any more.
  • You can't see each others market offers any more.
  • You can still see each others avatars and visit each others villages.
  • Caution: Don't do it just for fun - there are 5 days of cooldown time until you are able to remove someone from your blacklist again.



blacklisticon  How to add someone?

 Adding can simply be done in the chatrooms by clicking on a player's name and selecting "Ignore player" - or by clicking the player's avatar and again selecting "Ignore player".

If you want to add a person who is no longer in the chat or visible you will have to select the blacklist in your Administration menu (see above). 

On the bottom right, there is a button "Add" which will open the following screen:


Either way you choose for adding someone to your blacklist, you will be asked to confirm your choice in a popup window.


blacklisticon  I put someone on my blacklist by accident! What now?

You can ask one of your friends to send a message to that player explaining the situation - if you want to talk, then you will need a "translator" who repeats every comment of the blacklisted person for you to read. If you like, you can give him/her some gifts - you are still able to do that. Finally, after 5 days, you can remove him/her from the blacklist again.


blacklisticon  How to remove someone?

Of course it is up to you, if or when you want to remove someone from your blacklist - there is no auto-removal after a certain time!

To remove someone from the blacklist you have to open it via the Administration menu (see above). Simply click the name of the player, select "Remove" and confirm your choice in the popup window. Please note: Names of players who have been put on the blacklist recently (<5 days) are written in grey - they can't be removed yet.


blacklisticon  Someone put me on the blacklist - what can I do?

Sadly there is nothing you can do when you are being ignored. You may ask one of his/her friends to pass on a message and try to sort out what trouble you had - or maybe it was by accident - but if the other player doesn't want to remove you from the blacklist again you have to accept it: It is every person's own choice to ignore someone else or not.


blacklisticon  I got the error that moderators can't be ignored?


That is correct. Moderators can not be ignored. They are here to help users but also to keep the chatrooms and game a nice place to be. For them to be able to do their work, they can not be ignored by anyone.

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