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World Tree

What is the World Tree?
The World Tree is a special huge tree that can be found by clicking "Teleport" then "To the World Tree" and is reachable by all players of the same game world. It grows by performing Magical Transformations.

To the world tree

All about growth and results
To make the World Tree grow, players have to perform the Magical Transformation which will donate transform Miragic into the power it needs to grow. How far along the World Tree is into reaching a new level can be seen by checking out the Runes around it. The more runes glow, the closer the world-tree is reaching its next level.
Once enough magic-gifted have practised the Ritual of Magical Transformation, the World Tree will level up and create new content in the world which is not available in any other world that has not reached the same World Tree level.

What items will be available with the World Tree its next level?
When visiting the World Tree, you will see a floating waterlilie on the fountain in front of the Tree. Clicking this will open a popup telling you your current donation, give the option to perform the Magical Transformation yourself if you reached level 100 but also tells you what items will become available with the next level World Tree.

Available next level

All about the Magical Transformation can be found by clicking here.

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