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The Bailiff

bailiff icon  Where can I find the Bailiff?

The Bailiff is waiting for you beside the path that leads to the north of the village right at the entrance to the festival plaza.



bailiff icon  What does he do? What can I do with him?

If you'd like to log out of the game, you should first look for the village Bailiff and have your avatar hired out as a Village Assistant. This gives you the benefit of being able to earn Gold whilst you are offline. You can work for a maximum of 10 hours. The amount of Gold you receive for the work depends on your character level.

bailiff menu

Click on the village Bailiff, in order to see the menu above. You can then increase the number of hours that you want to work as a Village Assistant for, using the arrow, or by simply typing it in. The wage that you would receive for working the specified amount of time, will then be calculated underneath. Once you have chosen a suitable time, just click on 'Accept work' and you will start to work.


bailiff icon Conditions of working as a Village Assistant

As long as you're working as a Village Assistant, there are some confinements to your game. Some actions are considered to be incompatible with being a responsible Village Assistant. For example, you can't do any field work or buy anything at the Corner Shop or at the market. Learning new spells at the Mage Academy is impossible, as well as donating for competitions or decorating your village.


bailiff icon  Abort the work

You can abort the work at any time, but you won't then receive a wage for the time you have already worked. To abort the work, simply click on the village Bailiff again and then click on 'Cancel work' on the right.


bailiff icon  Finish the work instantly

Using Rubies, you have the possibility of ending the work instantly, and still being credited with the agreed wage of Gold.
Important: The Bailiff only pays out the hours you completed working for him. When you selected to work for 10 hours and you only completed 4 you will only be paid out 4 hours.


bailiff icon  Getting paid

When you finished working for the bailiff you will have to pick up your wage at the bailiff yourself. You are going to get a notification in the welcome screen and the countdown above the bailiff's head turns into an exclamation mark as soon as you completed your work.

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