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What is Miragic?
Miragic is magic which feeds the World Tree and make it grow similar to the Village Tree.

How to obtain Miragic?
1) Miragic is obtained by performing a Magical Transformation. When reaching level 90, you will see how much Miragic you have collected to far. Once you reached level 100, the amount of miragic gained by gold mana plants and dragon food are set.

2) Miragic is obtained by completing Alchemy Quests. Each quests could give you some of it, the amount depending in various things. Each time you get one, it states how much you could earn before even completing it. This continue to accrue even after level 100

3) Miragic is obtained by completing Questies without the use of mana. The Questie will tell you if and how much Miragic will be given even before completing it. This cntinues to accrue even after level 100

4) Miragic can also be acquired via the miramatsu plant.  This continues to accrue even after level 100


How is Miragic calculated?
All your possessions that you have earned upon reaching level 100 will be turned into Miragic when performing the ritual to strengthen the World Tree. Due to the intensive amount of magical power of the transformation, all your possessions except your Rubies, your Garden Objects and spells won at the Tent of Advanced Magic and Wheel of Fortune will be reset.

The following possessions are transformed into Miragic:
* Building levels

* Level of your dragon

* Lab items

* Gold amount

* Plant inventories

* Mana amount


*plants on the market
Building and dragon levels also contribute to the total miragic. Successful Transformations also positively influences the miragic gained.

More information about Magical Transformation click here.

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