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Stuck at "Please wait, the portal is opening..."



I can't get into the game, it only tells me to wait...

There are a number of possible reasons for that.

Plainly speaking, this happens when the game takes a very long time to load.


=> First try to refresh the page - maybe it got stuck and stopped loading at all. Sometimes that will help after refreshing a few times.

=> Try to delete cookies and clear browser cache as well as your flash player cache - maybe there has been an update/hotfix or your cache is simply stuffed and the data gets all irritated. This forum thread might help you to do it: - click me -

=> Especially after having cleared cookies and cache - be patient! All data needs to be freshly loaded now, your computer can't get it anymore from the cache. So if your internet connection or your computer is a bit slow, it will take even longer than usual now.

=> Check your flash player settings for how much data it is allowed to store on your computer - to keep Miramagia running, it should be at least 100kb. To do this, just right-click into the loading screen and select "Settings" - check the "Local Storage" tab:


=> Check if your browser and flash player are up to date and update them if necessary - you will have to look up which is the latest version by yourself.

  • To check your browser version you can either look it up in your browser settings or open your control panel > software.
  • To check your flash player version just right-click into Mira and you will be given the version you are running:flashversion

=> Try a different browser - sometimes the combination of system, security software, browser, other software and Mira just doesn't work well. Then the browser is often the easiest element to change.

=> If your internet connection or your computer are a bit slow, keep other traffic as low as possible: don't download or upload, don't play internet music/videos while playing Miramagia - and don't run other CPU-demanding software.

=> Sometimes the Miramagia servers or their connections have problems, too. Our tech staff will try to fix them as quickly as possible. 


=> If nothing of the above helps you get into the game, please contact us using the contact form or emailing support@miramagia.com. You will get to the contact form on the Miramagia homepage or logout page if you scroll down and click "Help".


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