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The Plant Fairies

Plant Fairies are little, magical creatures that carry the Sun and the rain in their arms, in order to accelerate the growth of your plants.

Each additional Plant Fairy contributes 90% of what the previous fairy provided. In other words:
1 Plant Fairy: Time until harvest = growth time / 1
2 Plant Fairies: Time until harvest = growth time / (1+0.9)
3 Plant Fairies: Time until harvest = growth time / (1+0.9+0.81)

This is the result: each Plant Fairy accelerates the growth rate by:
1st Plant Fairy: Foundation
2nd Plant Fairy: 47.4%
3rd Plant Fairy: 29.9%
4th Plant Fairy: 21.2%
5th Plant Fairy: 16.0%
6th Plant Fairy: 12.6%

The maximum number of Plant Fairies that can work efficient on your field is about 20. 
If Plant Fairies are called to your field using a Spell, they'll stay for 24 hours.
Plant Fairies that are acquired using the Starter Package from the PLUS Account or through quests, will stay around for longer.
You can also get even more permanent Plant Fairies through the levels of your Dragon.

PLUS Account:
1 Plant Fairy that is permanent, for as long as the PLUS Account is active
Starter Package:
The purchase of the Starter Package provides 2 Plant Fairies for 2 days
2 free Plant Fairies for 2 days as a reward for 'Sow your first Carrot'
Pet Dragon:
If your Dragon reaches the following growth levels, an extra Plant Fairy will permanently settle on your farmyard:
Dragon level 2
Dragon level 5
Dragon level 10
Dragon level 25

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