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iGuide - All about Portal Worlds

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Portal map - Let the journey begin
First sight - A new land awaits you
Pocket guide - Finding your way
The bottom game bar - The adventurer's tools
Tasks - Free the Portal Worlds
Roll the dice - The adventurer's magical help
Decorating - The reward



Travel into your own Portal worlds

There are two different ways to travel to your own Portal Worlds.

1st option: The teleport menu

You can take this way from wherever you are:

teleporter menu

Open the Teleport menu by
clicking the yellow spiral
in the left part of your
bottom game bar.

Select 'Portal Worlds' from
the list (topmost item).

The Portal Worlds Map will
be opened, in which you can
choose a destination.

Click on the meadow world
(top left).


2nd option: The portal near your field
This way is only available if you are currently in your own village.


Click on the blue portal
which is placed near your field.

You used to be able to enter
your Dreamworld with it.

Now it opens the Portal Worlds Map,
so you can travel into all your Portal Worlds.

Click on the meadow world (top left).

The Portal Worlds map
portal worlds map
 In the middle there is the village.

1) Dreamworld
2) The flower deer's meadow world
3) The sand bunny's desert world
4) The crystal swan's ice world
5) Clicking this arrow will exchange another player's portal worlds map for your own.

As soon as you start working on the tasks of an island, the portal map is going to display a fillbar which indicates your progress:

portal world fillbar

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Travel into other players' Portal Worlds

For travelling into other players' Portal Worlds there are also two ways.
1st option: The portal near a player's field

Just like for your own portal clicking it will
open the player's Portal Worlds Map,
from which you can choose which one
of the player's Portal Worlds
you want to pay a visit.

This is only possible if the player
allows you to enter their Portal Worlds.

2nd option: Player mini menu
player mini menu


If you click a player's name in chat,
in your friends list or in the town hall
, you will get a mini menu.

Select 'Visit Portal Worlds' in order
zu open the Portal Worlds Map.

This is only possible if the player allows
you to enter their Portal Worlds.



How to open and to lock your Portal Worlds

You may grant all players access to your Portal Worlds, or restrict it to your friends, or even lock it so only you can get in.

This setting will always be the same for all your Portal Worlds - for Dreamworld, Meadow World and all your future Portal Worlds. It's impossible to have different access settings for the different parts of your Portal Worlds.
The keys can be found at the portal near your field:
Move your cursor to the portal and to the little icon that is attached to it at the top left:
portal with icon
You will get three options to choose from.
three options
Move your cursor to the desired option and click it.
  • three people - open for all players
  • sorcerer's profile head - open for you and your friends only
  • lock - only you yourself may enter
Please note: If another player set the access options of their Portal Worlds so you can't get in, then you will see either the lock or the little head attached to the portal. A portal without a visible icon means you are welcome to enter it.

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First sight - A new land awaits you

At first you can only travel to the Meadow World.
Only after you freed it completely, you will be able to get access to the Desert World and the Ice World.

A huge island awaits you::
first sight

 The teleport spot at the front is both
landing zone and the way back to the village:

 With lots of barren lands the island is still impracticable to place decorations.

At the far right end there is the goal of the island.

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Pocket guide - Finding your way

As you set foot into the Portal World for the first time, the pocket guide with its valuable information will be opened for you.

Eager to finally see the new world you closed it without even having had a look? Don't worry, you can open it at any time.

You'll find it in the left part of your bottom game bar.
pocket guide
Move the cursor to an interesting spot and you'll get basic information at the right side.

Please note: You will never really see the island displayed as it is in the pocket guide - either it is shown like the left half or like the right half of the picture.

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The bottom game bar - The adventurer's tools

The spell bar in the middle part of your bottom game bar contains different spells depending on where you are.

In your own village you'll find field work related spells in there, in the valley there is the Clear Fog spell, in your Dreamworld spells of craftsmanship enable you to modify your Estate and sky motif.

For the Portal Worlds you're going to need two completely new spells:


Here is a little overview

Show playing field
Gives you an overview of the tasks waiting for you.
Roll the dice
A bit of luck might give you a leg up.
Move decoration
Improved on-the-spot moving of items.
Sky Art
Customize your background for the Portal World.
Magic toolbox
Everything you need for magical amusement.
You'll find more information on these functions in the following chapters.

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Structure of the playing field

Roll up your sleeves and free your Portal World from the virgin forest so you can decorate it to your liking.

Activate the spell Show playing field in your spell bar and have a look at what the Portal World is all about.
The playing field will also be shown if you just click one of the forest tiles that indicate an unsolved task.

playing field
The playing field is subdivided by different levels of difficulty:
Very easy tasks
Easy tasks
Demanding tasks
Challenging tasks
Difficult tasks
The goal: the final task


Status of tasks

Different animations give you a hint about the status of the different tasks.
New task

A sparkling tile indicates a new
task that you haven't started yet.
Task in progress

Only in playing field mode you're
able to see the animation for
a task in progress.
A blue ball of light is hopping
around the center of the tile.
Solved task

A task that has been solved
recently, is marked by an
animation of falling leaves.
Click on the tile to finish it
and to get your reward.

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Accepting tasks

You will be presented with a set of 5 tasks:
new tasks

The icons give you a hint of what the tasks are about:
Collect seed mushrooms, pay in optic plant mush, collect golden mushrooms, watch videos.
The task in the empty field has already been solved and finished.

You may accept and work on some or all tasks at once or do them one by one in the order you prefer. As soon as the current set of tasks is finished, you will get 5 new tiles to free next.

Move your cursor to one of the tasks to get basic information like prerequisites concerning character level or number of transformations.

Click one of the tasks to open the information screen and start/accept it. More about that can be found *here*.
Click Roll the dice
if you want to get new/other tasks instead. More information about that can be found

Click OK to close this screen.

Tip: The information screen of a task can also be opened by clicking that task's tile on the map.

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The information window

At clicking a certain task, you will get an information screen - much the same as with the valley questies.
information window

1) With the arrows left and right you can browse through your currently active tasks.
2) The colour indicates the difficulty of the task - here: 'very easy'.
3) If you're able to fulfill the task now, you'll see this arrow. If you're still lacking something, it will be crossed out.
4) Action button - here you can either solve the task or reset it.


  • If you don't meet the requirements, this field will be red. Then you first need to make enough progress to fulfill these requirements before you may do the task.
  • For every task solved you'll receive a reward: the area under the field is now free to be decorated. Sometimes the lord of the island will give you an additional prize - some special decoration item or a free use for the dice.
  • Some tasks are unique (at least for a certain zone/difficulty level), some tasks give a note that they may be repeated. This means that another task of this kind might come up at a different playing field tile. Any effect on rolling the dice isn't yet known and has to be researched.

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The final taks of the island

Have you successfully managed all tasks in the five levels of difficulty? If so you finally get access to the last quest of the island. The lord of the island is waiting for you there.
Solve this task and free the Portal world completely.
Your special reward

You open a new portal to another world!
In addition, now you can even decorate along the edges of the island, not just the areas under the task tiles.

Note: Click the newly unlocked portal field to open the portal map and travel to your new world.

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Roll the dice - The adventurer's magical help

Each hero on a quest gets an emergency spell - so you, too, get some help, with which you can tackle impossible tasks.
Select the spell Roll the dice in your spell bar and take a look at your current tasks:
roll the dice
The dice can assign different tasks from the ones you have now, trust in your luck that they are easier to meet than the current ones.

How does it work?

Only tasks that have not yet been started, can be re-rolled.
=> In the picture above it will be the tasks 3 and 5; you recognize them by the green dice below the task emblem.
=> Task 1 has been solved and the tasks 2 and 4 have already been started.

If you want to roll the dice for a task you already started, you have to reset it first.

Then all the progress that you have already achieved is going to be cancelled.
To do this select the task in question to open the information screen and click the Action button reset.

Note: Tasks that you can already solve, can not be reset.


On each island you are granted one free use of the spell.
More free uses can sometimes be won as a bonus when you have solved a task.
If you don't own any free uses, rolling the dice will cost some rubies, depending on the difficulty of the tasks.

Text of the action button (examples):
(1) Roll the dice - you own one free use for rolling the dice, there is no cost.
(3) Buy - you have no free uses, rolling the dice now will cost three rubies.

Please note:
Any remaining free uses of the spell expire at completing an island - the next island will be started with one free use again. 

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Decorating - The reward

Under each solved task a piece of ground is going to appear, which you can decorate now.

At the end you've developed a large, contiguous area for decoration which has some peculiarities compared to areas in the village and in the dream world.

=> You can place as many seating groups as you want - and WHERE you want.
In the Portal worlds they are not tied to specific places.

=> Only if you have activated the spell move decoration, you are able to click decorations. This means that even you yourself can move freely in the fully decorated portal world without inadvertently selecting an object and opening its mini menu. In addition, you can easily immediately sit down on a seat without having to select it beforehand in a mini menu.

Decoration mini menu options
decoration mini menu * Open your inventory drawers
* Put the object back into your inventory
* The object adheres to your cursor and with the
next click will be placed at a new location.
* For rotatable objects - you can also use the space bar
to do this, if an object is sticking to your cursor.
* New: The object is in the foreground and is covers other objects.
* New: The object is in the background.
* Collect all the objects in this world a portal
(Village and other worlds are not affected).
* Close the mini menu, without doing anything.

As long as you are still working on the island, you can decorate only directly on the freely played object fields. Once the last object is met, you also get the edge around the outside as a decoration face it.

As in the portal world there are no fixed places for seatings and there can be placed as many of them as you want to, the purchasing limit on seatings was lifted in Sorcerer's Corner Shop: You can now also buy several copies of seating groups!

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Sky Art

Customize your portal worlds - with a matching background motif.

As in the dream world, also in the portal worlds you can choose the design that you like best.
Sky Art in the portal worlds works just like in the dream world:

  • Only after you have learned a motif (for that you pay a greater amount of mana or some rubies), you can also apply it.
  • Changing the motif for Mana motifs costs a small amount of mana - Ruby motifs can be changed free of charge.

Note: You may freely choose your motives:

  • It is possible to use the same motif in several or all worlds.
  • It is also possible to use different designs everywhere.

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Overview: Different kinds of tasks

We're sorry, this chapter will take some time until it will be available for you.


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