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The Ruby mine / Dwarves

Where do I find it?

The Ruby mine can be found in your dreamworld, just below the little island that is meant for a seating group.


What is it good for?

With the mine you can increase your rubies.
In order to use it, you have to hire a dwarf first, which costs a certain amount of rubies. After that, the dwarf is going to dig for rubies in your mine while the contract lasts.
There is a guaranteed total of rubies that you will receive - which is more than it cost initially. Additionally, depending on your luck, you can collect even more rubies.


How does it work?

Every day you can collect the newly mined rubies from the lorry - a certain number, depending on which dwarf you have hired.
After the lorry has been emptied, there is a chance for receiving a second, smaller, load - which has been mined thanks to your dwarf's luck. These additional rubies of the lucky load will be emptied into your account automatically.


What about 'luck'?

Dwarves are lucky creatures, so at times they even find more treasures than expected. Some dwarves are more lucky than others (Ina at up to 28% of the time, Karl up to 24%) and all dwarves' luck can be increased by sugar beet juice.

What is sugar beet juice and where can I get it?

Being the favourite drink of the dwarves, it helps them find additional rubies. But it is somewhat hard to come by in our world. Only the jackalope hands it out now and then - so if you want to push your luck ;) go and watch jackalope videos when you get the chance.
The effects of sugar beet juice won't wear off but will last for as long as the contract lasts. So your dwarf's luck can only increase over time.
Additional note: Players who haven't hired a dwarf won't receive any sugar beet juice; the jackalope only gives it to those who can make use of it.


What happens if I can't log in every day?

Don't worry. Your dwarf will be busy even when you're away - and the mined rubies will be kept safe for you until you return. So when you're back, you can collect all those rubies at once.
But they will only be the guaranteed amount -  any lucky loads you might have acquired in the previous days have expired - gone into the Dwarves Benevolent Fund, maybe.


I hired a dwarf and I don't like it any more - can I change my mind?

Well, a contract is a contract, and you can't fire a dwarf once you hired one.
Also you can't downgrade a contract with Ina to a contract with Karl because Ina's contract is longer than Karl's  - so this would just be a different way of firing a dwarf.
But you CAN upgrade a contract with Karl to a contract with Ina. As Ina is more experienced than Karl, she also is more expensive and you'll have to pay a fee for the upgrade - but depending on how long Karl has already been working for you, this fee will decrease.

Good luck and happy mining!


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