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Magical Transformation

What is a Magical Transformation?
A Magical Transformation can be done after reaching level 100 by performing the "Ritual of Magical Transformation" at the Fountain of Eternal Youth which is located at the World Tree  - click on the lotus flower in the pool for more information.


What happens before, during and after the Magical Transformation?
Before the Magical Transformation, at level 100, you will receive an email (IGM) giving more information about the things to come.
The Magical Transformation will transform certain possessions into Miragic.

You can monitor your Miragic total from level 90 by clicking on the lotus flower at the base of the World Tree

Your avatar will be stronger after the ritual and your Mana production per Magic Circle level will increase. Each Transformation increases your mana production by 5%:

mana bonus circle

In addition,,in gratitude for your efforts, the High Council offers you an exclusive, luxurious statue of your avatar which you can set up in your village to show your new title and rank, to distinguish yourself from the magical newcomers.

The statues are designed exclusively for each avatar genre, like this:

statue transformation
After performing each Magical Transformation your Magical Rank will also increase by one until you reached the highest rank.

Also each time you have the ability to reach or improve certain achievements.

After your first Magical Transformation your mana production will also increase by 5% and new plants will be available after reaching the required level.

You will also receive 5 miramitsu plants after each Transformation

What will I lose when performing a Magical Transformation?
The Magical Transformation will transform certain items into Miragic. This means you will lose the following:
- All your buildings will be gone except the Store House which will be re-set to level 1
- All objects won at the Tent of Advanced Magic will be gone
- All your plants in the warehouse will be gone
- All your dragonfood will be gone
- Gold will be reset to 500, mana to 150, unless you have taken advantage of a Crystal Island bonus
- XP will be reset though your current points will be put into the ranking list of the World Tree
- All vaporised fields are reset, meaning you have to do it over again with the exception of the extended field. The extended field will be vaporised and fully available to you 
- Offers at the market will be removed
- All planted crops in the fields will be removed
- Zones will reset to level 1 if they are active at the time of Transformation if the spell is cast by yourself; zones won as a daily prize are unaffected by Transformation

What will I keep when performing a Magical Transformation?
- All objects won at the Wheel of Fortune (like Gifts, Laboratory items and Frontgarden items)
- Pranks which you won at the Wheel of Fortune and Tent of Advanced Magic
- Your stockpile of Rubies
- Activated Gold/Silver memberships
- Achievements
- Completed tutorials
- Rank as Village Elder (if you are one of course)
- Garden objects
- Clothes bought at Emma’s Magical Boutique

What will I receive for performing a Magical Transformation?
- The Magic Circle will produce 5% more mana per level than before
- A nice secret item – and a purple cape – so distinctive! Fetchingly modelled here:

cape transformation
- The opportunity to win new or improve older achievements
- A position on the World Tree rankings - here are the top 3 players as of October 2013.  You can see how many Transformations they have done, and how this has affected the purple button:

top 3 players oct 13
- A higher magical rank

- A chance to change your class free, and gender
- Higher level of buildings, and dragon, as well as Dreamworld options and better Laboratory items
- Purple Crystals that help increase the growth of your plants by 1%
- 1 Free Lottery Ticket (available after level 50)

- share experience spell increases by 1

- 5 miramatsu plants

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